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Create a Tranquil and Relaxing Ambience with Our Wood-Like Textured Air Humidifier

Experience the Innovative Design that Combines Style and Wellness

Enhance your surroundings with the perfect balance of style and functionality, thanks to our beautifully crafted wood-like textured plastic humidifier

Immerse Yourself in Pure Relaxation

Unwind and Rejuvenate

Experience the soothing effects of improved air quality as our humidifier effortlessly adds moisture to the environment, helping to relieve stress and promote overall well-being. With its sleek and modern design

Latest generation technology

Ultrasound system for a uniform mist

Unlike a typical misting humidifier, this unit uses first class technology to naturally humidify all the air in the room without making a wet mess on the surfaces around it because overturn it won’t produce any leakage.

When it starts working, you can feel the difference instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every unit comes with:

-Humidifier (1)   

-Power cable (1)   

-User guide

Water capacity: 300ml Size: 110*110*145mm Color: “Light Wood” grain Power: 2W Voltage: 5V Current: 30ml/h

It is compatible with the use of scented oils. When using essential oils please add 2 drops of in 250 ml of water. TAKE NOTE: please put the oil according to the proportion to avoid any damage to the unit.

Viruses and other infectious particles can survive longer and stay suspended longer in dry air. But, When humidity levels are higher, aerosol droplets expand faster, fall to the floor, and have less opportunity to be inhaled. Assuming you clean it regularly and keep humidity levels in the appropriate range, sleeping with a humidifier can provide you with multiple health benefits.

it is healthy to sleep with a humidifier in your room: Sleeping with a humidifier can have several health benefits, even if you don’t have asthma or other respiratory conditions.

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